Cima Coppi Dossard 13 Wool Jersey - Limited Edition

Cima Coppi Dossard 13 Wool Jersey - Limited Edition


The Dossard 13 jersey is one of the new designs coming for our 2019 Heritage Collection. It's a 100% wool, 285gsm mid-weight jersey with button-up collar and button closures for the front and back pocket. An instant classic!

Much like the classic wool jerseys of yesteryear these are minimalist jerseys which function in a wide range of temperatures, from cool to warm, and do not retain odor. However, unlike those jerseys, we use only the highest-grade wools with no blends, providing superior performance, comfort and function to provide you with a garment of unparalleled versatility.

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Our classic wool jerseys are cut to be more fitted than a club cut, but less aggressive than an Italian race fit. These jerseys are also cut longer than a true race fit to accomodate those who want to size down in order to achieve a true race fit. The knit wool has a very accomodating and resilient stretch and the jerseys will tighten slightly in circumference after the first hand wash.

  • Measures (customizable by request):

    • Chest: Measure your chest first, across the nipples, under the arms and level around the back.

    • Front: From the suprasternal notch between the collar bones down the front to the bottom hem.

    • Hips: At the hip bend. True race fit ends here, but our jersey standard is cut a little longer.

    • Back: From C7, down the back to the bottom hem. Fr/Bk length measures exclude the collar height.

    • Arm: Tailor’s measure: From center back to shoulder, down the arm to just below the wrist.